GSM Gate Controller

€125 (Ex Vat)

How do they work:
The unit is fitted with a SIM Card.
When access is required, a call is made to the phone number of the SIM Card within the GSM Gate Opener.
The unit allows to call to ring once, to acknowledge the call and to allow the unit to read the number calling it – Caller ID
If the unit is set to allow any caller, or to use Caller ID access, it looks for a match of phone numbers in its database and if found activates the on-board relay. If there is no match the call is simply ignored.
Have you ever had a call to your mobile and you don’t want to talk to the person calling and press the RED button on your phone? These systems work in exactly the same way.
As the call is dropped without a connection ever being made, ensuring there is no charge to operate.
If a match is found a signal is sent to unlock or open the equipment it is connected to.
If a match is not found, the caller is ignored.
  • A GSM Gate Opener removes expensive key-fobs that can get lost, washed or damaged making mobile phones key-fobs
  • Numbers can be deleted as easily as sending a text
  • No call charge to operate as the call is never answered
  • Remote operation from anywhere
Suggested uses:
  • Gates (All products listed on this page)
  • Garage Doors (GSM EAGLE)
  • Entrance doors (GSM EAGLE)
  • Shutter doors (GSM EAGLE)
  • Turnstiles (All products listed on this page)

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